Haunted Wolf

 Book #1

Cole’s been exiled. A young woman he promised to protect is now in danger. Can he confront the past and a sadistic killer to save her in time?

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Cole approached me with all the stealth of a hunting master, his hands lifting slowly as he placed his palms flat against my cheeks. Beautiful gray eyes lingered on my mouth as if he struggled not to press his lips to mine.

My breath was sucked in as my lips parted with anticipation and silent invitation. His body moved closer until only an inch of space remained between us. I never knew before this moment how desperately I wanted to feel the passion of his kiss.

“Cole,” I whispered, afraid this was all a dream. “Tell me you made this decision for more reasons than to protect me from a killer.”

Cole frowned, running his fingers through his dark hair that ended in wispy curls. “Of course, but it’s my job to protect you. I’ve always protected the Lovell family.”

True. My heart thumped wildly in my chest to the point I was afraid I’d pass out. “I’m just wondering if you’re thinking this through. We’re going to be married, Cole. We have to consummate our bond.”

The Adam’s apple in his throat bob for a second before he swallowed hard. “Briar Lovell,” he paused, and a smirk forced his full lips up in a grin. “I know exactly what it means to consummate our bond, and I don’t have a single problem with it.”

A burning haze of desire flashed across his handsome face and caught me by surprise. His warm chuckle filled the air as he leaned in, his nose lowering as he pressed it against the column of my throat and drifted upward close to the shell of my ear. I heard the inhalation as he rumbled low in his chest.

“My wolf senses yours, and he’s receptive,” he whispered low, “I want more than to protect you, Briar. I want every little part of you.”