To Find A Mate

 Book #1

Everyone in Adam VonBrandt’s world seems to have found their mate. Except him. With several families of wolves in town for a moon run, there have never been so many choices. Surely, he can find a mate among all those single women.

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Adam found himself swilling the last of the Scotch and rolling the glass in his hands. He turned back to the window. “What does it feel like?”


“The Fate stuff. What does it feel like?”

He waited for her to answer, but part of him didn’t want to know. In a family where everyone who was married was also Fated, he didn’t want to know what wasn’t in store for him.

“It feels like… a magick rope. Wherever you are, you’re pulled toward them. It’s like you’re in their orbit, like you couldn’t get away from them if you tried.”

He nodded and set the glass down on the side table, turning to face her. “That’s not us.”

“No, it wasn’t.”

“And that’s okay.” He rimmed the glass with his finger.

“I love William, and I am glad for every day we have together.” A distant look caught in her eyes and her voice went hot. “I think about him when I’m not with him, and I feel him wherever I’m at.”

“You can feel him now?” Adam looked out the door, into the semi-dark hallway.

“I can. He’s waiting for me to go run with him.”

He turned back to the window. Outside, the whole landscape of the VonBrandt ranch was awash in the bright white glow of the moon. “You’re going to shift?”

A smile crept over her features. “Well, we need to get out of the house.”

Adam laughed and nodded. “Right. I get it.” Sexxors.

Dee curled her tongue inside her mouth, like she was preventing herself from saying the obvious.

Let’s not joke about the fact that you used to like to run with me and then have sex at the end…too soon.

He gestured to the window. “You should go, then. Don’t keep William waiting.”

With a long pause, she watched him. “You’re sure we’re okay? I mean, you and me? Are we good?”

“We’re good.” Adam hooked one thumb into his belt loop. “I’m gonna head home and get some shuteye. Big run tomorrow.”

Dee approached him, careful. “Let me just…” She slipped her arms around him and hugged, hard.

He kept waiting for the lust to set in, to distract him, but there was nothing. The presence of those tattoos had cut off whatever had been tethering him to her. Adam hugged her back.

“It was good to know you,” he said. “In the biblical sense.”

She laughed, fuller and louder this time. It was almost like her comfort had returned, and Dee had let her guard down. Adam stepped away.

“You, too.” She clipped across the wood floor to the door and turned. “And watch out for Fate. She might have something in store for you, yet.”

He smiled and waved her off. It was certainly possible that Fate had plans for him, and he would be on the lookout for it.

After all, he had a house full of visiting wolves. At least half of them were female, and more than two-thirds of those were un-mated.

All he had to do was get within orbit of every single one of them and see what happened.

If Dee was right, he wouldn’t be able to keep it from happening, and since he had the benefit of singleness, with a side of solitude, he planned on doing everything he could, while the house was full of wolves, to find his mate.




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