The Last Dragon

 Book #9

He’s lost his royal title. She’s lost her family’s fortune. When friends become lovers, can a gamble on each other pay off?

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He folded his arms. “I didn’t think I needed permission to make sure you got home safely.”

She scoffed. “Well, you do. Where I was going tonight was none of your business. I told you I had something to take care of.”

“You did.”

“I told you I couldn’t walk home with you tonight.”

“You did.”

“Ugh, Marius, do you not understand that you following me was an invasion of my privacy?”

He rubbed his chin and narrowed his eyes. “My intention was only to follow you to the guardhouse. Then I couldn’t help myself.”

“It was none of your business where I was going.”

“No. But after we’d spoken last, I knew you were in dire financial straits. I was afraid you’d do something… desperate.”

She spread her hands in the universal sign for are you kidding me and gaped at him. “And how is that your concern?”

He grunted. The dragon in him wanted to growl that he wouldn’t apologize for protecting her, but he’d spent enough time with her to know she’d roll her eyes and head for home the moment it was out of his mouth. Instead, he reined in his baser instincts and gritted out, “You’re right. Despite my good intentions, it was an invasion of your privacy… I apologize.”

Her eyes wrinkled at the corners. “That was difficult for you, wasn’t it?”

“The fucking worst.”


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