Pick of the Pack Archive

Take one determined-to-work-alone demigod and mix her with three fated mates and you get… lots of steam and even more complication.
Blood witch Rose LeFey spent her life hiding from her magic—then she's magically bound to a werewolf and plunged into a hidden war.
In a land of three warring kingdoms, a centaur huntsman and a warrior priestess might be the only hope for peace, and if the two enemies don’t kill each other first, they might even find love.
Magic, destiny and romance combine in this bestselling action-packed fantasy series!
A beastly prince. An enchanting beauty. Only love can break the spell.
I should have packed a stake.
A stoic warrior-maiden and a villainous priest-king make the most unlikely alliance in the history of the five kingdoms.
Blood magic drives you mad—and so do werewolves.