Demigods – The Trilogy

 Book #0

A bada$$ demigod heroine, three hot and very different mates, plenty of action and lots and lots of steam. Happily ever after guaranteed…. for our heroine and all three of her guys. Because, why choose?

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We ran into Rafe in the stairwell. His gaze skated over our garb and then his eyes narrowed. “Fitting right in with the locals, I see.”


What the hell was that condemnation in his voice? What did he think, that we’d want to stand out like sore thumbs? When did we not try to blend in with our surroundings, so as few people as possible would notice our presence?


Damn it, I was starting to sound as suspicious as Malcolm.


Rafe could sense it, too. Or at least, he could sense something was off with both of us. Rafe’s emotions were all over the place. Must be making him nuts. He operated much better when he was even keel. Calm, cool, collected. Sure of himself.


He wasn’t sure of anything right now.


He jabbed his finger over his shoulder. “Justice wants you. Us. All of us.”


When our mate beckoned, we responded. She was our glue, after all. The center of our universe. Without her, we were… three guys who worked pretty damn well together, to be honest. Rafe and I had our differences over the years, but we never really fought. We analyzed, discussed, determined whether one way or another made the most sense.


I’d never questioned his loyalty or whether he had the capacity to tear us apart.


All those uncomfortable thoughts and concerns didn’t start until Justice joined our crew.


Maybe Rafe wasn’t the problem. Maybe it was Justice.