Pick of the Pack Archive

I thought I knew what I wanted, until she came along; now I don't know whether I want to to be dead or alive.
A werewolf hungry for vengeance, and a witch cursed with seeing the future, must find a killer before they destroy the Salem Pack…
A snarky witch and a handful of sinful immortals
I don't trust Seven Delaney, but I'll have to trust in his luck if we're going to survive this.
The instant my eyes locked with hers, I knew she was mine...my fated mate.
Blood magic drives you mad—and so do werewolves.
I'm stuck sharing a hotel room with three men who shift into pastries.
I've become an enemy, marked for execution.
Mates are supposed to last forever, but nine years ago I found mine sleeping with another man. So, when I spot a second-chance mate in the forest one foggy evening, I vow to make her life a living hell. Only problem is… I can’t stop the innate desire to tie her to my bed and claim her as mine.