Wolf's Witch

 Book #1

Ruby Towne is running out of time and magic. When she catches a glimpse of her own death, she also sees a red wolf on a sacrificial table. Zeke shows up on her doorstep with retribution on his mind, but one touch sets them on a collision course with a forbidden love that could change the destiny of the Salem Wolf Pack forever. Can a wolf and a witch stop the dark magic brewing around them, or will Ruby’s ominous prophecy claim them both…

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She made the final turn onto the uneven cobble stones. The way her breasts bounced on the bumpy road was not helping. Now I was imagining their weight in my hands as I kneaded them and ran my tongue across her nipples. Fuck.

She parked behind the Crow’s Nest and turned off the car. She looked at me, and even in the dim light, the flush in her cheeks was impossible to miss. Her voice was a breathy whisper. “Maybe we should just kiss and get it out of our systems.”

I was ready to agree to anything that meant I could taste her lips. “One kiss couldn’t hurt.”

She nodded slowly, staring right into my soul as I came closer to her. I slid my fingers along her cheek and somewhere from the depths of my soul…my wolf howled. I fused my mouth to hers, stifling the moan in my throat as I tangled my fingers in her hair and my wolf clawed his way forward.

We found our mate.

She was forbidden, but I didn’t give a shit.

She was mine.

Fuck all the rules.