Chicken Soup Gone to Hell

Asmodeus, King of Hell, ruler over too many demon armies to try counting them, is in the middle of my destroyed kitchen, awaiting an explanation. He says I’m a powerful witch, but that’s just ridiculous. He says he’s bound to me, and he’ll fulfill any wish I have.

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“How?” A booming voice filled the entire space of my flat, seeped into every corner, and exploded in my head.

“How were you able to summon me?!”

My blue eyes widened in shock and terror, and my mouth fell agape. In the middle of my tiny kitchen there stood a mountain of a beast, so tall that he had to curve his back against the ceiling, with burning golden eyes, raven black hair, and… horns… Bull horns atop his head.

I felt my knees ready to give in, and I reached for the edge of the counter. I didn’t want to collapse on the floor, or, God forbid, faint! I must’ve been hallucinating. This couldn’t be real; I was dreaming.

The demon stood amid my destroyed kitchen, screaming,

“How? How were you able to summon me?!”

And I… I couldn’t find my voice. I reached for my grandma’s cookbook, sensing there was something wrong with it, with the recipe. My lips started moving, and all I managed to say was… something stupid. So stupid, but it was… the only thing that made sense.

“I don’t know! You were supposed to be chicken soup!”


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