Dirty Deeds

 Book #1

His club, Ravenous Wolves, was known and feared locally. They had a reputation for doing whatever was needed, no matter how dirty, to get their desired results. He wanted to shed the nasty reputation to bring his club into the modern world and gain the respect they deserved. J. C. was ready for a mate, but he needed the perfect one. Some time had passed, would he ever find her? Was his last girlfriend right and was he looking for someone that didn't exist?

Destiny, she hated her name because it was often the butt of jokes. Now she was running. Her friend Tyne had sent her to an out of the way place in Oklahoma, but was she any safer here? A mob boss was hunting her and her life was in jeopardy. Her former boss might not find her, but the alpha, JC was playing with her heart and that could hurt as much as being beaten up.

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Dez opened the door stepping firmly inside. As the door closed behind her, everyone in the place quieted leaving only the background music sounds. She looked around to see what was getting everyone’s attention, but soon realized it was her. Holding up her hand, she waved at everyone before walking up to the bar to get the lady bartender’s attention.

“Excuse me. I’m looking for JC Woods.” She explained.

“Of course, you are. He’s right over there. The one staring with his mouth open.” The lady informed.

“Thank you.” She turned to look at the guy she was pointing at, but there were three guys standing there. Walking up to them, she had no idea who was who. “Which one of you is JC?”

Two of the guys pointed to him. “That would be me.” He finally spit out.