Immortal Secrets

 Book #4

A House divided.

A vicious curse.

A fate that leads to ruination.

House of Night and Shadow has been cursed for two centuries.

Every ten years, Lady Nyx Corvanus looks forward to only one thing—revenge.

A chance to kill the immortal High Lord of House of Shadows, while submitting to his every whim during breeding night. She’s failed three times, but this time she’s determined to plunge her blade into his heart and stop him for good.

Darius saw his mate only once—for a brief second, before he was locked in the dungeons to rot. For thirty years he’s been tortured by the merciless High Lord because Nyx rightfully belongs to him.

But one fateful night changes everything, and now they’re on the run, forced to rely on the treacherous Ronan, to survive.

Breaking the curse is the last thing on Nyx’s mind as she turns to the two males who rescued her. She's ready to give Darius her heart, but Ronan might just carve it out of her chest before he’s done with her.

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Staring at the Lord of Shadows, I couldn't stop shaking as he spelled out his ultimatum. 

“I’m giving you a choice., Nyx.  Your sister, or the mate you didn’t know existed. One lives, one dies, and I care not which.”

There was an old saying—Your body knows the truth, even when your head is lying.

That’s what this moment felt like. Every cell in my body strained to go to Darius, I went wet between my legs the second his scent hit my nose. He smelled heavenly, spice and sawn wood and coffee. Never mind he had horns—was beaten and half-starved—he was the most beautiful creature I’d ever seen in my life.

My mate.

I had a mate, and Lennix had taken him from me. I wanted to howl. I wanted to fall on my knees before this male and worship him. I was being torn apart from the inside out by a tempest of lust and hate that made me want to claw Lenix’s face off with my bare hands.

Darius’s wide chest rose and fell slowly, his green-flecked eyes fixed firmly on me. Not a single indication he felt anything close to what I was feeling. But he never looked away.

I was so caught up in my body’s biological reaction, I had to force my brain to focus on what Lennix said. I wouldn’t choose. I refused to play another of Lennix’s sick games. Lennix could force me to do many things, but he couldn’t force this.


“Then I choose.”

I didn’t blink. He’d choose Darius. He’d kill this male who’d been kept chained up like an animal for thirty years. I strained to think of that particular Yule Ball, of whether or not I’d noticed this beautiful, perfect male that evening, and I came up empty.

Lennix would keep Nova alive, because she was his lifeline, he needed her.

I met the male’s—Darius’s—eyes and pushed every ounce of regret I felt into my face. I’m sorry. But I will always choose family. He inclined his head, as if he’d read the truth and something inside me crumbled. I couldn’t do this to him, but I couldn’t lose Nova.

“I hope you said goodbye to your sister before you left.” The High Lord’s cold smile went from taunting to cruel. “If you didn’t, it’s too late now.”

Silence filled the room, even our audience quieting as I reached out to my sister.

And found nothing.





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