Book #1

The white wolf's youngest son becomes alpha of The Springfield Pack and calls in his cousins to help fix the mess the pack has become. Drew comes to help but finds Mortie, the former alpha's daughter draws him in, but also draws in enemies.
Will they beat their enemies and win at the game of love?

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Drew pulled up to Mortie’s house. Once he was at the door, he knocked lightly so as not to startle her. He heard gentle footsteps before she opened the door. His breath caught, and he found he could not breathe. She was gorgeous.

“You look amazing,” he finally managed to say.

The expression on her face was equally admiring. Drew had not really thought there were any issues between them physically. If he had, it wouldn't be a concern anymore. Mortie was hot as hell! They just stood there staring at each other for a moment.

“Are you ready to go?” Mortie asked.






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