Tag The Redemption

 Book #3

As the beta of my wolf pack—the Billionaire Wolves of Miami—and the COO of our multibillion-dollar corporation, I demand control and order in my life. They don’t call me Mr. Grumpy and bosshole for nothing. But the gods have other plans when they choose Wren Bryd—the BBW who personifies chaos—as my fated mate and my wolf wants her despite the ring on her finger.

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As I watch, the glass wall darkens. I turn to Tag. 

He’s staring at me with hooded eyes filled with carnal desire. I shiver as he rises and takes my hand. 

Wordlessly, he leads me to the conference table, places my palms on its surface, pulls my hips back to lengthen my torso over the table, and flips my dress up. He kicks my legs to spread them. I oblige and widen my stance. His hands caress my butt cheeks—bare since I don’t have any panties on.

Automatically, my back arches and lifts my butt higher into his hands. 

He growls in appreciation, then squeezes each mound and pulls them apart. His growl deepens as he stares at my exposed rear.

My head jerks around.

His flashing eyes lift to mine.

“I will claim each of your holes, including your ass. But not today. You must build up the ability to accommodate my size like a good little girl.”

My forehead drops to the table with a thud as I moan. 

He chuckles wickedly as my juices trickle to the floor. Then his mouth is on me. I buck against him. With a chastising growl, he grips my undulating hips to still them. He devours my pussy like a ravenous man, grunting and groaning with carnal satisfaction.

I lose count of the orgasms. One follows the other for endless pleasure. My entire body shakes. Incoherent cries of passion pour from my mouth in pants. Just as my juices gush down Tag’s throat.

He rises, smacks each butt cheek, and thrusts his massive cock inside of my quivering core. It contracts around him, squeezing like a vise. He growls barbarically.

“You like how my big cock claims every inch of your little pussy?” His voice thrums in my ear.