Book #1

He’s an alien Viking. She has no intentions of being his captive.

If you want hunky aliens, strong women who don’t like being told what to do, spicy romance with ‘special eggplant' and happily-ever-afters, dive into the world of the Starlight Vikings.

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The female tried to kick me again. I tightened my grip until she squealed. 

“We're going back to my cabin now,” I told her calmly. “And there you will answer all my questions. Are you going to come willingly or do I need to tie you up?”

The thought made my mouth water. Maybe I should get some ropes ready either way. She seemed like the sort of female who might enjoy that. 

“I'm not going to your cabin,” she hissed. Spittle flew from her lips, landing on my face. I didn't wipe it away. Instead, I simply stared her down, putting all my power and strength into that stare. I was a Vikingr warrior, captain of a spaceship, and there was no way I'd let her win. 




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