Wild Child

 Book #4

Melody Rush fled to Alaska to avoid marrying the cruel Alpha who knocked her up – she’d rather live in poverty than spend her life with a man she detests. When a huge, tat-covered bounty hunter tracks her down, she knows she’s out of options. Yet something about him makes her insides quiver with something besides fear…

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Breathing hard, Melody looked for something to use as a weapon. The only item in reach was the toilet brush, so she grabbed it and peered into the murky twilight of her bedroom. The blinds were shut, but there was enough light to see the bedcovers were rumpled, just as she’d left them. The closet didn’t have any doors for someone to hide behind. Maybe she’d imagined it. The building was old and creaky.

Heart thundering, she crept into the room. The top drawer of her dresser hung open. Had she left it that way? The last of her jewelry was in that drawer, her only hope of staying afloat until after the baby was born and she could land another job. She grew light-headed. What if he’d already been in here when she got home and she hadn’t noticed? The thief could be escaping right now.

Still wielding the toilet brush, she rushed toward the drawer. She’d never been one for folding clothes, and her panties and bras lay jumbled inside. She gingerly nudged the lingerie aside, looking for the silk pouch with her jewelry.

It wasn’t there.

“Mother clucker,” she said out loud, anger displacing her fear.

She pivoted to the door. If the thief was still in the house, she was going to at least get a description to help the police catch the crook. How dare someone break in here and touch her things? She burst out of her bedroom into the small living area and collided against something solid. Huge. And living.

A giant, tattooed man stood between her and the exit.




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