The Werewolf Bodyguard

 Book #1

As an unbonded and unstable werewolf, Marco worries of getting too closeuncertain of his ability to control himself after shifting. Fearless and courageous, werewolf bodyguard Aria promises to guide him, helping him to confront his past and embrace his future. But can Marco let down his guard and give his bodyand soulto the bodyguard who stole his heart?

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The low light in the dining room of Amare usually suited Marco DiSanti’s tastes—all the better to prowl in the semidark. Plus, shadows gave him panty-dropping cheekbones and made his eyes pop. Squinting through candlelight was tantamount to beer goggles, in Marco’s experience.

But tonight, something felt different. Itchy, like he’d forgotten he was wearing wool, or staticky, like he kept touching a light socket in the dry air. He couldn’t put his finger on it, and the half-dark made everyone seem sinister. Or romantic, if you were into that.

The farther he strolled into the dining room, the more electric his insides became. Someone was out there, and judging from the only other time he’d felt this way, he assumed it was another shifter.

His first instinct was to ignore the sensation, but even as wrapped up as he had been in preparing a special plate of crudo for one of the A-listers who frequented Amare, he could not block out the pull. He had done his best to tightly shave segments of fish and arrange them on the platter, but he had to turn the task over and wander out among the humans.

Partly out of curiosity, partly out of annoyance, Marco stalked between the heavy, naked oak tables and high-backed, tufted leather chairs. His employer liked him to schmooze with the ineffably wealthy clientele, but he had no patience for the old millionaires trying to impress their gold-digging dates, or the D-list celebrities maxing out credit cards in a desperate attempt to look relevant.

He felt like he was on a mission.




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