When Fire Dragons Fall

 Book #2

When breaking news of a sizeable island appearing off the coast of England with what look like man-made structures interrupts Texas schoolteacher, Emma’s, Netflix and Chill plans while snowed in, she never dreams that shocking incident across the pond would lead to putting a sexy, but injured, dragon shifter at her mercy at a time when sheltering him could get her arrested.

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By the time Emma reached the area where she had seen the red blotches, there was nothing to see. The snow flurries had already wiped all traces of it from existence. However, that wasn’t what had her gasping in alarm. She was now close enough to the hole in the snow and the possible dog she had braved the elements to save. Steam rose as though she had stumbled upon a hot spring, and beyond that and the snow flurries, she could see what looked like a naked body.

Emma nearly slipped and faceplanted into the snow in her haste to move closer to—yes, that freaking was a naked human body, a well-muscled adult man, lying awkwardly on his side on a patch of wet ground. His entire body was surrounded by a wall of steaming, melting snow. As her legs fought through the last couple of steps of snowdrift, her gaze zeroed in on the bright red blood streaming from a wound on his temple and pooling beneath his face. His right leg was bent at an odd angle, the tibia likely broken.

There was also an alarming amount of blood seeping out from beneath that leg, making Emma fear that a more serious injury was being concealed by the awkward way he was lying.

Yet, there wasn’t a broken tree branch in sight.

She looked in bewilderment from the blood on his face to the blood-soaked leg then over her shoulder at the line of rose petals-like blood splotches that were now completely covered over by the snowfall as if they had never existed.

What the hell was an injured, naked man doing in her back yard?




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