Heart of Steel

 Book #0

Carline swore off witchcraft for good when she arrived at the Swan River Colony.
But when her home is attacked, she's forced to consult her spell book for the help of a paranormal protector to keep her safe.
Only the smoking hot demon she summons has more than just protection on his mind…

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Fireballs came through the portal an instant after he did, and he was forced to flatten himself against the floor to avoid becoming their target.

They splashed against the walls instead, setting the place ablaze with light. A virgin summoner, indeed – no one with any experience in dark magic would summon a demon inside.

He rose, peering about for the summoner.

Oh, by Lucifer's left testicle, a true virgin indeed – a maiden witch, clutching a grimoire to her chest, as she coughed in the smoke already clouding the air. Even as he watched, she swooned, and would have hit the burning wall behind her if he hadn't raced over to catch her first.

No way was he letting his first summoning in centuries end with his new mistress dying seconds after he'd appeared. No, he intended to stay here, as far from Hell as possible, for as long as she'd have him. But first, he had to get her out of this inferno, for the fierce blaze had reached the roof, and the whole structure would come down soon enough.

She was a tiny thing, cradled against his chest, but he didn't make the mistake of thinking she was weak. She'd summoned him from Hell, hadn't she? And try as he might, he couldn't pry that grimoire from her fingers.

He carried her outside into the night air, looking for somewhere he might safely lay her down.

On the hill overlooking their present position stood a tent, glowing ghostly white in the moonlight. This must be his maiden mistress's bedchamber, and that's where he would take her, and wait for her to wake up, so that he could grant her every desire.