A Witchy Secret

 Book #3

Charley is keeping a witchy secret from her boyfriend. Her best friend has been keeping a secret from everyone. Even though her uncle's secrets make him look guilty when he's accused of murder, Charley believes him innocent and plans to prove it.

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Grandma Ruby's gray hair, normally a helmet against her scalp, stuck out in several places, giving her an Einstein vibe. Today, her signature ruby red garment, a pair of leggings, clung to her skinny legs, and were topped by a white tee that ended below her hips with a daisy and watering can. The quote under the image read, “Sometimes I wet my plants.” She didn’t seem to notice the rest of us in the room.
“What now?” My mom sighed wearily as she sank onto the sofa next to her sister.
Grandma Ruby looked up, obviously startled from her mutterings. “Felicity Sherman thinks she can copy my rose garden and get away with it. The contest is in three days!” She plunked down in her recliner and pushed back, lifting her legs. “I’ve been working on my roses all season!”
My younger sister, Deanna, sat on the hearth of the fireplace. “I thought Mrs. Gardner grew azaleas.”
“She did. But they looked like her—all faded out and wrinkly.” She glanced around the room. “What’s that?” She pointed at the newest member of the family.
Danu snorted. “What’s it look like? It’s a kitten.”
“Don’t make me get my broom after you!” Grandma Ruby waved her hand and her broom flew into the room, the bristles hovering behind Danu’s head.
I rushed to my cousin’s side, grabbing the broom handle. A tug-of-war ensued for a brief minute before I huffed out an exasperated, “Grandma!”
She finally released her magic and I placed the broom against the wall. “That’s her familiar.”
Before Danu could protest, the black kitten sat up and hissed toward Grandma Ruby, her paw raised into a tiny claw.
Stunned silence permeated the room as we all gaped at the little spitfire of a kitten.