Pick of the Pack Archive

Can a cowboy and an alien set aside their differences, celebrate the holiday, AND find love?
As a spy for a rival pack, mountain lion shifter Matt needs to get info from the Rock Creek Clan without complications—but meeting his fated mate in sexy fox shifter Erena is one helluva complication.
A queen imprisoned. A reluctant prince. A realm in peril…
He's supposed to be protecting her from a stalker, but what if the real danger is him?
The instant my eyes locked with hers, I knew she was mine...my fated mate.
A stoic warrior-maiden and a villainous priest-king make the most unlikely alliance in the history of the five kingdoms.
Mirror, mirror on the wall…who’s the hottest monster lover of all?
I'm stuck sharing a hotel room with three men who shift into pastries.
Why did I let my sisters talk me into doing this?