A Stranger In Paradise

 Book #1

Desperate to find missing clan members, and hoping to diversify their genetics, Alpha Adam, with his best friend and enforcer, Nick, embark on their first mission to bring home a missing man who they hope will finally help them set their clan on the road to survival.

The only problem is, he's dead.

Instead, they find his spunky foster daughter, Nina, with a plethora of half-completed suspense novels, and a shadowy, paramilitary force hot on her trail.

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The only outward sign she gave showing she was even the slightest bit frightened were her trembling hands. She shivered while keeping her arms tightly clasped around a backpack as though it held the keys to Fort Knox.

Adam spoke for them, as was proper for the alpha. “I am Adam Stone.” He reached out, put his hand on Nick’s shoulder, and pulled him closer. “This is my friend, Nick Ironside. We are Leoparo.”

She threw her head back and let out a small hysterical sounding giggle. “That’s impossible. Shape shifters don’t exist. They can’t exist. It’s against all the laws of nature.” She took a deep breath before she continued. “People just can’t shape shift into animals. It’s impossible.”

Nick sighed. They didn’t have time for this shit. The beauty argued her logic although she’d already admitted TJ Woodward had told her about them.

Telling a human about shape shifters was something TJ shouldn’t have done. Not without bringing her over into their world. How many others had he told? Was that the reason the Tudra had killed him and still hunted her?

“Look, possible or not possible, what’s the damned difference? We have to get moving. They’re bound to send reinforcements when these assholes don’t check in.” He pointed to the large dead bodies around them.

Adam growled low in his throat. It was clearly a warning to take it easy on the girl.

“Just wait a damn minute, Nick.”

“No.” He stood and shook his head. “We don’t have a minute.” Looking over his shoulder at the others who already stood by their vehicles, he asserted his protective rights as their leader’s second. “We have to go, and you know it. She might not be TJ Woodward, but she knows where to find him if he’s been telling her about us. Let’s get moving.” Bending, Nick snatched her backpack from her arms, figuring she’d follow wherever he led as long as he carried it.

“Hey! Where the heck do you think you’re going with that?”




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