Obsessed Wolf

 Book #2

Becca Harlow is missing, and Cedar Creek is in danger. Theo has been tasked with locating the woman who broke his heart five years ago. Will Theo be able to rescue Becca and protect the pack, or will his obsession with vengeance lead to more bloodshed and death?

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“Becca, wake up.” Theo’s concerned voice penetrated the nightmare and brought my awareness fully back into the present.

“The cage,” I managed to choke out through a dry throat. “I don’t want to go back.”

“You won’t,” he whispered as a kiss pressed against my forehead. “I promise, baby. Come here.” Theo’s arms wrapped around my back tightly as I practically crawled on top of him, shivering as tears escaped from the corners of my eyes. In the dark, I could pretend that he didn’t see how traumatizing the entire experience had been.

“Hold me, please.”

“I will. I am,” he promised.

“Tighter,” I begged as my shoulders began to shake from the sudden onslaught of pain, anger, and torment that zipped through my body faster than I could handle the rush of emotions.

“Becca, I’ve got you. I swear it. I won’t let go until you tell me.” His voice seemed calm despite how I was freaking out in his arms. “Do you remember the spot at the lake where we first shifted together?”

Trembling, I had to focus on his words to comprehend. “Yes.”

“Do you remember what I said to you?”

Inhaling and then exhaling slowly, I forced my body to listen and obey my will. “You’d always be there for me. I was never alone.”

“That’s right,” he confirmed as his fingers began to brush up and down my back slowly. “Always is a pretty important word. It means forever, Bec. Always by your side. Never alone. We made that pact to one another.”

Relaxing for the first time, I lay my head over his heart and listened to the steady thrum of the beats deep inside his chest. “I remember.”

“Then you understand why I came for you. I won’t break that promise. It’s sacred.”

Sacred? “Theo, we’ve been through so much.”

“We have,” he agreed smoothly, “but that doesn’t mean it wasn’t worth it. Right now, this moment with you in my arms,” he admitted as he gulped loudly, “I wouldn’t trade it for anything.”

“Neither would I,” I whispered, and meant what I said.