Red Rose Academy Year Two

 Book #2

I’m different than the other vampire girls here—I’m more powerful, more unpredictable, a true rebel. That’s something my abusive father can’t tolerate. I'm constantly playing a deadly game of chess with him. He’s become more dangerous as if he’s afraid of me. His attitude towards me has grown darker. I know he's hiding something, a secret that could hurt me…

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I stared at my trembling hands as the evidence of my deed lay dried and caked upon my skin. What have I done? I would never be able to forgive myself.

My enemy had taken me to the abandoned church and imprisoned me behind a brick wall with no hope of escape. Their plan was to leave me here and wait for me to go dark side. 

Rocco and Valentin had made the mistake of ripping away the bricks to save me.

But my hunger had been too strong. It had consumed me and I had lost control, turning me into a bloodthirsty fiend. A rusted black iron cross gleamed above me in a patch of sunlight. Tears stung my eyes as I gazed at it, wondering if my friends or Headmaster Tarus could even look at me anymore. I wiped away my tears and looked at the blood on my hands, but it wasn’t mine. 

Rocco and Valentin lay slumped over each other, their handsome faces pale and drained of life, their long black hair matted with sweat, their arms and legs twisted at unnatural angles, looking like two broken marionette puppets. The coppery taste of their blood lingered on my tongue and my bare arm was smeared with red from wiping away the excess. 

Tears welled up as my heart sank like an anchor and the guilt of my actions washed over me. Sick with dread, I knew that life would never be the same again. 

Grief and sorrow twined together like a black vine, twisting and clutching my heart, making it impossible to breathe. The sunlight streamed down from the broken stained glass windows in the decrepit old church onto my face as if to highlight my shame. My breath rasped in my ears, and I inhaled the scent of damp, rotting wood, and dust.