The Dragon Prince of Alaska

 Book #1

As the youngest (and arguably most unsuitable) prince of Alaska, Toren never thought that he would be tapped to rule by finding his mate, but he knows that Carina is worth the weight of his new duties. Now he’s just got to figure out how to be a king, and even more importantly, how to protect his queen-to-be from old enemies…and new foes who will stop at nothing to see the kingdom of Alaska fall.

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Carina wasn’t sure what made her feel more limp, the exhilaration of flying on an honest-to-God dragon, the utterly melting after-effects of making love to a gorgeous man who knew exactly how to touch her, or the relief that someone finally knew her whole story and believed her…someone who actually had the power to protect her.

She felt absolutely safe with him.

Illogically safe, she told herself, as they dressed and she despaired of fixing her hair. It was probably part of that spell.

They hiked back to the boardwalk, and Carina reminded herself that Amco Bank was powerful. Arguably as powerful as the kingdom of Alaska. Her problems weren’t magically over because an Alaskan prince had apparently tripped in a puddle of true love dust.

Let’s have lunch at the resort and head back to Fairbanks,” Toren suggested, walking hand-in-hand back to the trail with her. “I’ll call Rian and get him started on figuring out how to protect you. We can be there for dinner.”

Dinner. At the palace.

None of it seemed real.

They ate in the main room of the restaurant, at Carina’s request. “The private room is so fancy,” she said plaintively. “Have some pity on the poor van-dwelling hippy fugitive before you drag her to the palace and make her wear heels and a tiara!”

A tiara? No, no, it will be a full crown,” Toren cautioned her with a wink. “Probably fifty pounds of gold and gems. You’ll barely be able to lift your head.”