Signy's Mates

 Book #5

I open my eyes and lose more than my precious mind to the gorgeous males of the Billionaire Wolves of New York. Snowbound and unrecognizable, they offer me shelter and time to heal. Even though I can’t remember my past, my future promises just what I need to find love.

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“—way. Over here!”

“Holy shit! This is the worse crash I’ve ever seen.”

“Where’s the rest of it? Fuck…”

“Check her pulse. Is she breathing?”

Calloused fingers wrap around my wrist. Gently, they skim across the skin. A jolt of electricity zips from the touch and up my arm. I cry out.

“She’s alive!”

“Thank the gods.”

“What about the others?”

No!!! Please let them be alive, too.

Another jolt—but not a pleasurable one—courses through me as I try to sit up.

“Do not move.”

Something warm infused with the enticing scents of sandalwood and vanilla covers me. Stubble scratches my neck. A deep inhalation against my skin makes me shudder. I cry out in a combination of ecstasy and agony. The man hisses. He jerks away.

“No, fucking way,” he mutters.

“Do you smell that?”

“She can’t be.”

Who are these men?

My eyelids hurt as they flutter open. Blurry images in the shapes of three enormous men appear in the darkness. I blink to clear my vision, then reopen my eyes.

Glacial blue ones stare down at me. I watch mesmerized as they darken to cobalt, then flash electric.

The other two men snarl and growl. Surprised, my gaze shifts to them.

But a rumble draws my attention to the first man’s face.

The air leaves my lungs as my mouth falls slack.

Jet black hair frames chiseled cheekbones and firm jaw. The silky strands hang to his bulging pecs. Muscular arms fold across his broad chest, covered in only a white tank top. On top of it, dog tags hang from a chain-link and leather necklace. My gaze follows the chain up to his magnificent face.

He studies me with an intensity that makes me tremble, and not from the cold.