Blood of the Pack

 Book #1

Angela: I know fear well. It's had me looking over my shoulder since the day I ran from The Pack, Nevada's most dangerous werewolf motorcycle gang. I've had seven years to build a life and my tattoo parlor with the help of my best artist, Jack. But I'm living on borrowed time. My ex-boyfriend may still be in prison, but that won't stop him from getting what he wants — our son.

Jack: I want her, I crave her, but I can never have her. So I wait and watch from the shadows. But when a friend is murdered by the same gang that's threatening Angela, I vow that they will never touch her. Their blood will be mine first.

She's a wolf backed into a corner. H

He's a vampire on a tight leash.

Welcome to Dark Ink Tattoo, where needles aren't the only things that bite. 

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I leaned forward panting, running my fingers through his hair, grabbing hold of his shoulders, grinding myself against him. He made a low rumbling sound of appreciation that I felt as much as heard, and as his tongue licked up, running over the rose tattoos above my breasts, it changed into a possessive snarl. “You’re goddamned perfect, and I’m never going to let anything happen to you.”

My breath hitched. I mean—that was what I wanted—right? To feel safe? To feel possessed? After Gray I didn’t think I could ever truly believe in love again, but wasn’t this the next best thing?

Mark looked up at me with a burning intensity in his eyes that both scared me and turned me on. And if ever there was a human man who could stand up to Gray….

“You swear?” I asked him, not liking how my voice quavered when I asked.

He measured me then, and I wasn’t sure what future he was seeing in my eyes. I could never offer someone white picket fences, that wasn’t who I was, I had it written on my skin in ink. “From here on out, Angela,” he said, his voice like gravel. “You’re mine.”

I gasped, and then before I could say anything, he kissed me.

I fell into it and into him, holding his face as he kissed me voraciously. His cock was still hard inside me, but there was something more desperate happening now—I kissed him like I needed him to breathe. He sucked my lower lip in as if to claim it and then released it slowly, raking his teeth over my skin, and I could feel my pulse pounding, at my throat, my breast, and deep inside my hips where I still held him.