Secrets of Shooting Star Lake

 Book #1

Marit Hagen is my fated mate. It doesn't matter that it's forbidden, that choosing her could cost me everything, even my life. All I know is that she's mine.

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I was done waiting for our first kiss. Threading my fingers through his thick hair, I drew his mouth to mine. One, two, three times, I delicately brushed my lips over his. A featherlight kiss, as soft as butterfly wings. An invitation.

With a groan, he took over, shaping his lips against mine. One hand still cupped my nape. The other slid down my back. He bit my lower lip, not hard enough to draw blood, but enough to sting. I gasped.

He isn’t human. In the back of my mind, a small voice cautioned. You’re kissing a man who can morph into a beast.

Shut up,” I murmured, shushing that inner voice.

Adam broke off the kiss. “What did you say?”

I chuckled, embarrassed. “I wasn’t talking to you.”

Confusion clouded his expression. He was considering asking me just who I was talking to. I saw the question form on his face. Thankfully, the desire to keep kissing me bested his curiosity. With a shrug, he reclaimed my lips.

He’s a wolf-man. That pesky inner voice intruded again.

I broke the kiss this time, pulling back and studying his flushed face.

Many people possessed a shadow self. A soft heart hidden behind a brash exterior. A polite mask that concealed contempt. Greed disguised behind a cloak of piety. Many people wore two faces. For Adam—for shifters—the two faces were literal. Not masks disguising a fundamental truth, but alter egos. Within Adam beat the heart of a man and a wolf.

Tears pricked the back of my eyes.

Marit?” Adam gently touched my cheek.

A shifter and a human,” I whispered. “How are we going to make this work?”