Thor: A Paranormal Protector Tale

 Book #1

When graduate Aussie archaeologist Sybil flies halfway around the world to work in the Arctic, she’s not sure what she might find…but she wasn’t counting on getting injured at the start of the dig…or being rescued by the hottest Viking she’s ever seen.

Thor might look like a superhero, but he has secrets buried under the ice that have been waiting a thousand years to come to light. Worse, he’s missing his hammer, the weapon he needs to set things right…and Sybil’s his only hope of getting it back.

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The hottest Viking I’ve ever seen lifts me in his arms and carries me across the snow to my tent…

Until my roommate wakes me up, that is.

“Sibyl! Sibyl!”

“Unless your name is Thor and you have more muscles than a Hemsworth, all the better to carry me away to your castle in the sky, go away.”

Jorunn just laughs. “You can go back to dreaming about hot Vikings as soon as you tell me where and how you got that.”

“Got what?”

I follow her pointing finger to the cloak spread across my sleeping bag. The kind of thing a hard-core reenactor would wear at one of the medieval fairs back home.

Or a Viking warrior, a thousand years ago.

“I don’t remember,” I say.

“Let me guess. Thor himself materialised, carried you back here, and gave you his cloak as a souvenir so you’d know he was real?” Jorunn asks.

I roll out of my sleeping bag, grabbing the cloak. This has to be a prank, and the man responsible is probably standing outside, pissing himself laughing.

I barely take three steps out of the tent and he’s there, His Norse Hotness himself.

He drops to one knee before me.

“You can’t be real. You can’t be,” I say.

“I assure you, mistress, I am Thor, your sworn protector.”


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