Wolf Arranged

 Book #1

As the alpha’s only daughter, I’m sold to our pack’s adversary to stop a war.

Sent to live behind enemy lines, I must breed with my new pack’s sigma, Lincoln, or risk the murder of everyone I love.

As luck would have it, the moment I lay eyes on this man I barely know, I realize he’s my fated mate…only to meet his twin brother, Sawyer, and imprint on him, too.

Wolves aren’t supposed to have more than one fated mate, and Sawyer—the future alpha—was already promised to another.

I was meant to solve a problem, and now I’ve created a new one. One that will get us all killed if our mate bond cements.

Now, if we fail to keep our romance a secret, my family will be killed, and I’ll suffer a fate worse than death. But what happens when our inner wolves make that decision for us?

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