Wolf's Instinct

 Book #1

Lynx shifter Addison has come to the quaint Montana town of Nickel City to work at a new, shifters-only daycare. She doesn’t expect to meet a breathtakingly gorgeous man on her first day wrangling owl toddlers and armadillo kids. But she’s been dazzled by a handsome face before and barely got away from her last controlling boyfriend. Can she trust her lynx's instinct that this is where she’s meant to be at last?

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Roderick knew he was staring, but it was impossible not to. Cherry’s new hire was standing just across the table from him, holding his daughter in her strong arms and it was the most beautiful thing he’d ever seen. She had reddish-blonde hair in a sensible shoulder-length cut, pale, freckled skin, and a dimple in the middle of her chin. Her smile was crooked and eager, and she was wearing a blue skirt that looked green in the golden light from the back yard, over wild-patterned leggings.

She made his skin tingle, as every shifter did, but there was something more to his uncanny sudden awareness of her. 

What is this…? He dived inward, calling for his inner wolf, as he folded the stepladder and moved aside the table. 

Here, now, this, came the wolf’s unhelpful answer. Roderick felt like his ears were pricked forward, his tail in a slow, eager wag, and he had to double-check to make sure his human body wasn’t doing something ridiculous. 

Every shifter had a sense of instinct. Just as certain birds knew when and how to migrate, and fish and turtles could find their way back to their birthplace, shifters had a subtle reaction to danger, a preternatural reflex that told them when something was wrong…and when something was right.

And oh, was this so right.