Fire Maidens: Paris

 Book #1

A vampire attack sweeps Natalie into a terrifying world of shifters who claim she’s descended from a legendary queen. Now her life is in peril, and it’s impossible to trust anyone — except the mysterious dragon shifter who saves her again and again.

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“Please tell me that wasn’t a vampire,” Natalie whispered.

Tristan scowled at the fleeing gargoyle, then motioned at the back door of the soup kitchen where Natalie volunteered. “No, that was a vampire. We need to get you out of here.”

He hated that his words came out all snippy and cold, when all he wanted was to reassure her. Hold her. Keep her safe. But somehow, he couldn’t get it out the way he meant, what with his mind spinning so quickly.

Save mate. Kill vampire. Report to the big boss — who would not be pleased.

Shit. What a mess.

“A vampire? Are you serious?” Natalie stared at him through those startled doe eyes.

“Dead serious,” he murmured in reply.

Natalie paled, and he cursed himself. Could he say nothing right?

He looked around. His top priority was to keep Natalie safe. Second on the list was not revealing his dragon side, which would be tricky with a vampire to fight. Third was figuring out some way to explain to his boss why he’d engaged a vampire rather than reporting it.

“That way.” He pointed left, focusing on priority number one — keeping his mate safe. But as soon as he faced that end of the alley — the one with the shortest distance to the main road — two tall figures swept into view.

“Oh God,” Natalie grabbed Tristan’s arm. “More vampires?”

He nodded. “Stay close.”