Rebel Spell

 Book #1

I'm a witch without magic, only returning to Salem to sell my long lost aunt's house.
Somehow, my new tenants convince me to go a to Halloween ball and pretend to be a vampire's girlfriend.
It's only one night and won't change anything.

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“Are you all supes?” I asked Sebastian, one of the tenants in the house I'd just inherited.

“Indeed,” Sebastian replied. “I'm a wolf shifter. Lucas is a dragon one. Our other roommate, Diego, is a vampire.”

He motioned his hands to the side and grinned. “The best tenants she's had, according to your aunt.” I followed him to a door leading off the kitchen. “Margaret lived in those rooms over there. There's a small eating area overlooking the backyard on her side.”

I stepped into my aunt's space. The circular room had a cozy feel with a sofa, built-in bookshelves, and afghans.

“Do you want to go look around on your own?” Sebastian asked.

“I will in a bit.” It still felt intrusive to poke around in a stranger's space, even if she was my blood relative.

Sebastian led me back into the living room. A man wearing all black standing near the fireplace glared at me.

I gasped. “Where did you come from?”

His stare turned more intense. The reddish glint in the whites around his bright blue eyes gave him a feral look. I stepped backward and covered my chest with one hand. My heart pounded beneath my fingers.

Whoever he was, his glowering didn't bode well for me.

My breath came quicker as our gazes remained locked. Something about his stare intimidated, yet fascinated me.

Sebastian said, “Oh, that's Diego.”

A thickness swelled in my throat. I swallowed. “Hi, there.”

“Hello,” Diego replied in a gruff tone. Then he scowled and headed upstairs.

I furrowed my brows. What was that about?

“Don't mind Diego,” Sebastian dismissed. “You know how vampires get.”

“Not really.”

Sebastian exhaled. “Maybe he's hangry.” He shrugged one shoulder. “He might be more surly than usual today because he's worried about what you'll do with the place.”

Ouch. I hadn't been in the house for long before the elephant galloped into the room and skidded to a halt beside me.

Their question echoed my own. What should I do with this house in Salem — a town a hapless witch like me wanted to avoid?