Sworn to Shadows

 Book #1

Irritated to be woken early from a two-year healing nap after inheriting a demigod's immense power, Corporal Anna Mackenzie is already battling the fractious magic that can't wait to draw blood. But she's seriously annoyed to discover the military outpost she was sent to protect has been annihilated without any signs of survivors…

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Obsidian gestured toward the TV, drawing Anna’s attention back to the show, where two of the characters were getting intimate on screen.

“I will admit,” he said with humor thick in his voice, “to having been curious about human mating. This is answering a few of my questions.”

Anna groaned, grabbed a pillow, and shoved it in front of his face. “I’ve decided you’re not old enough to see this.”

Obsidian laughed and shoved the pillow out of his field of view so he could continue his ‘education’ without obstruction. When Anna made to grab the remote, he wrestled her for it, and they both dissolved into laughter until tears ran down their faces.

In the end, they continued to watch the series, laughing and groaning at the heated moments, with Anna again trying to shove pillows at Obsidian during the sexy times. At some point, their banter had morphed into an easy-going teasing, very similar to what they’d once shared while linked by the Rasoren-Kyrsu bond.

Eventually, they fell asleep on the sofa with Anna tucked up against his side and one of his wings wrapped around them for warmth.