Gambling on Her Dragon

 Book #1

Shifter Trey Dixon can play poker like his wolf can howl, but what he doesn’t know about the shady underworld of Las Vegas gambling might just get him killed. By the end of one crazy night, he’s sucked into trouble — and falling hard for the petite dragon shifter who steals his winnings along with his heart.

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Kaya stood under the harsh sun of the Nevada desert, staring Trey down. Pretending the same unrelenting magnetism that had pulled them together the previous night wasn’t still swirling around her ankles like the beginning of a goddamn hurricane. Pretending they were just a couple of ordinary people on another ordinary day. Except he looked good enough to eat, damn it, and sounded even better.

Hello, Kaya.

He might as well have said, Let me lick you right into another orgasm, the way her body reacted. Pulse racing, blood pooling, face flushing… It was a good thing she was still in dragon form.

She stepped back into the last edge of shade cast down by the edgy hills and clawed the ground. If only she had a little more height because, except for her long dragon neck and tail, she was pretty much the same size as she was in human form. Shifting didn’t actually change body mass, just shape.

She huffed at him, trying to produce a little flame, and failed miserably, then resented him a little more.

Hello, Kaya, my ass. The only person who’d ever greeted her dragon that casually was her great-grandmother — the one with really poor eyesight and a very absent mind.

She gave her wings a good shake and wiggled the claws at the tips for extra effect, because that would show this cocky he-wolf what he was up against. No way could he be as cool and collected as he looked. She peered closer and gave a little snort.

His pupils were wide, and his Adam’s apple bobbed. So, yeah, she wasn’t the only one with a pounding heart here.